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The washing ways of different kinds of blackout curtains

If you want to wash the blackout curtains, then we could tear them soak in the detergent or soap water, then you could wash them, after finishing the washing, you could put them under the sunshine, then it could be clean.

The velvet blackout curtains could not be washed in the water, you could soak it on much alcohol, if it is wet very much, we had better not rib it, then the velvet fabric would be damaged, which could influence the beauty, at the same time, we could use the hand to rib the water and cool it, if then, the velvet fabric would be the same as before.

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The soft shutters
Before we wash the shutters, we have to closed all the blackout curtains, then we could pull some water on it, then we could use the fabric to make it dry, then it could keep clean and bright, at the end of the blackout curtains, we could use the soft to rid it, if the blackout curtains are very dirty, then we could use the cloth to wash them.

As to the roller blackout curtains, we could lower the blackout curtains and wash them with the wet cloth, usually it is empty in the middles of the track, we could use the rod with the soft feather and turn around it, which could reduce the dirty of it.

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If the blackout curtains are made of linen and cotton, we could choose some warm water and soap water to roller it, at the same time, it is convenient for us.

The floral blackout curtains are very safe to be washed, and we could use the dust catcher to make them clean, then you could use the soft feathers to wash them, and you had better be careful, and the normal fabric could be very careful, we had better not make it straight, and the normal blackout curtains could be ribbed with the wet cloth, this would be good choice!

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