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Pink curtain reflect what your character is

Pink is romantic and sweet color meaning. It is believed that every single girl had ever thought about it. Young girls want to have a romantic room where has pink wall, pink curtain and pink floor. Have a cup of tea in the afternoon sitting near by the window. Tasting a flavor tea while enjoy the moment with soft sunlight in the afternoon.

There is particular about the pink curtain when doing home renovation because there are many pink colors. Curtain is the eye for a house which can reflect what character of the house owner. In other word, we can learn more about someone from his curtain decoration. Peach pink meaning of youth and lively. As mater of fact, those people who decorate their house in pink color that means they are young and lively. And they want to have a great elegant impression. It is differ from what we might thought, most young girls or boys are not use pink color for their room decoration because we can feel their charming and energy wherever they are. Perhaps they are just want to leave them along from the real world.


Another is light pink color. Room becomes warm and sweet if there is light pink color item used for interior decoration. Compare to peach, light pink is brighter and them house's owner is more characterize. More outgoing than peach autistic. They are more good at talk to others. But for those people who used peach pink color item for home decoration, they are more enjoy the privacy but they have not many friends even they try hard.

pink curtain

Pink represents to young and sweet, at the same time meaning of serenity. Some people who feel much pressure on the real world and want to leave them along from the world for a while so that they decorate their home with pink colored items.

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