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Knowledge of Lace Curtains Collocation

Style selection and manufacture are the most difficult items in custom-make lace curtain. The position for curtain install should be flexible so that can be placed on the head or side curtain can also be used as embellishment. Even using modified on the outer curtain. The lace curtain must coordinated with curtains fabrics and matched top style rightly. For which can easy to highlight the entire curtain style. If there is not a good lace decoration,the curtain will not show out its best effect . Here we come to appreciate several styles.

It will be very elegant and gorgeous collocation using Lace Curtains form with sweet pleated trim and gold beaded design together. It seems simple but gorgeous.

Combined with ribbons and rhinestons that make curtains become an art. Shiny ribbons and transparent beads come together exquisitely. With which the different colors on the curtain stand out perfectly and give the creation of an artistic beauty.

Although the wavy style lace curtains seem very simple, but it has a strong decorative effect.Especially it is a good ideal for the inside decoration.

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26/03/2015 02:33